You are the Chef here!

Since 1992, U-Grill aims to provide an alternative to traditional fast food. We pride ourselves on our extremely fresh and tasty veggies and meats, all of which are prepared on-site. With more and more people becoming health conscious, we want to help customers make a healthy choice while still indulging in fast food. We are located in Burnaby at Metrotown and we have recently opened a new location in Richmond Centre.


U-Grill FAQ

How did U-Grill get its name?

When we first created U-Grill, the company was called "U-Pick, We Grill." Over the years our customers have shortened the phrase to U-Grill

How much is it?

We charge by weight.

How does this work?

You choose what you like; it is then weighed and then cooked with your choice of sauce and served with rice.

Is this a franchise?

Yes, U-Grill is a franchise and there are currently two locations. This one and one in Metrotown Shopping Mall.

Is the weight of this plate included in the cost?

No, the scale has been adjusted to not include the weight of the plate.

How many sauces can I choose?

You are allowed up to three sauces at one time.

What do you recommend?

Teriyaki is our best seller and oyster sauce is also a popular sauce.